Career Transition – Going Back To School

Before we start discussing how to search for a six figure salary job, let’s set a goal. The goal I suggest is to double your income every five years. That may sound like a stretch. Well it is… but it is a doable stretch goal.

In a structured arrangement with a friend for example, you could set it up so each of you gets a 5-minute check-in to report on what you have accomplished since the last time you spoke. And you need to end by getting clear on what your next steps are directory for today and until the next time you meet.

Similarly, if you’re negative in your vacation balance, ask for that to be forgiven. If you’re getting severance, the last thing you want is to have to pay back your negative vacation balance if they’ll let you out of it.

Setting up short-term goals that will help you fulfill your long-term goals. Consider jobs that specifically align with your long-term goal so that your resume will look cohesive and progressive. Taking on jobs that don’t necessarily align with your field of interest might throw you off track and force you to change your long-term goals along the way.

Foreclosures on the rise, insolvent banks, third party bond and market “pumping” through the Fed, and un-employment are just a few aspects that they have correctly forecasted. This is especially true with un-employment. A country cannot regain prosperity if no one is working to buy the commodities that are either produced locally or are imported in. Job cuts accelerated in March of 2010, surging to 61% with employers announcing plans to cut 67,611 jobs in March, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. Simply put, without tangible “jobs” America CANNOT rise out of the ashes and once again lead her people to prosperity.

Regarding Job Brokers; happiness isn’t the only thing that money can’t buy; it can’t buy you a job, either. I also recommend avoiding resume-distribution firms with wild claims of success. You can learn to do the same things yourself with a little time and effort, while saving yourself a great deal of money.

I contacted a few people who were also listed with the outplacement company. I improved my networking skills by reading articles and went to local networking events. It really helped me to overcome my fear of networking with strangers.

Here’s the number one six figure level job search tip, don’t go it alone. Advancing your career and fulfilling your aspirations are too important to take chances with… or for that matter to leave to chance. Underselling yourself or not properly selling yourself will cost you in not reaching your potential. It will also cost you tens of thousands of dollars in annual compensation and over the course of 10, 15 or 20 years that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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