Another Long Island Job Fair Is Coming

A recent report from the U.S. Labor Department claimed that the American economy added 80,000 jobs in October, which lowered the national unemployment rate. Yet, these numbers won’t help well-meaning citizens who are already working keeping their jobs. Many people are concerned about being axed because of the poor economy. If you fall in this category, make an extra effort to become more valuable to your employer. Below are five ways you can achieve this goal and recession proof your job.

What happened here? Terry used the C.A.R. strategy to tackle the question. She gave context to the question and said up-front this is the answer you are looking for. She then described the action she took and explained the result it produced. In this instance, she was able to take the hiring managers tricky behavioral interview question, which was looking for a weakness, and spun it into a positive. This can show the hiring manager many things; 1) You are honest. 2) You came prepared which means you take this serious. 3) You can convey your positive attributes. and 4) You should get the job because you have the experience to get the job done.

Before you start wailing about the costs of having such experts, remember that you don’t have to pay them full time. You can bring in a temporary in house expert to focus exclusively on your needs and then let them go when the task is finished. To do this, you simply turn your back on human resource outsourcing firms and look for specialized human resource staffing companies.

Professionals to advise or totally manage the administrative side of your business are a practical option, actually an excellent option that is a lot less costly than you think. And, in many cases, there’s no long-term contract. Therefore, you have the safety net without any confining contracts.

Such a package would better represent universal healthcare then Obama-care while providing a more fitting medium for it. The Democrats can channel gov’t programs and tax advantages through union labor pools. The savings linked to gov’t tax breaks and other off-sets will win corporate participation more effectively over political bullying. It will be a merging of labor and industry into a single American partnership at long last.

I actually have two bachelor’s degrees. I have a B.S. in History from the United States Naval Academy and a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in higher education human resources from the University of Baltimore. I received my Naval Academy degree in 2001 and my business degree in 2007.

Tyler: I understand your father worked with Judy for twenty years through trial and error. Will you tell us a little about the process and the changes he made to TPN along the way?

A friendly network gives you something to fall back on if required. Your network is there if you need career advice, help finding a job, or just a friendly debate on an important topic.

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